country songs


I miss your sunshine and humidity. i miss the damp, sweet smell of fiesta litter in the downtown streets of San Antonio and the shallow waters of Yanaguana. i imagine myself drifting away on a cloud of bluejay feathers, down stream while the cicadas compose a sweet, summer symphony. i want to bite into a soil grown pecan while the bells of the paleta man grow, then fade into the distance. i want to sweat from the heat of the sun. till my body is baked a golden brown. i want to clamor on the hays street bridge that overlooks the city and watch the sky fade from mid-day to a dusty pink.

the city that haunts me is also the city that knows me. 

Found Poem

AP newspaper article

“Egypt: 3 women die in ‘honor’ crime”

In LUXOR, Egypt


were killed by male relatives.

who believed they’d had affairs?

so-called honor killings

WOMEN slain for violating traditional morals

in the conservative region.

men stormed the house

beating them with sharp tools,

the men wrapped the WOMEN’S bodies in blankets,

weighted them with stones,

and threw them into Nile river.

the killings were intended to protect the family’s honor.

such incidents are especially common.

WOMEN’S actions are considered to bring shame,

the courts are sometimes sympathetic.

Cut Me: An Open Wound

Cut Me: An Open Wound (April 2012) Hello Studio, San Antonio, TX. This performance asked audience members to read statements about subjects that society would otherwise consider “outsiders” then cut off a piece of clothing. Subjects ranged from prominent civil rights leaders who were assassinated to criminals such as the Boston bomber. These subjects were […]

finnegans wake blackout poems


a lady of this city;


reading newspaper,

smoking cigar,

arranging tumblers on a table,

eating meals,


etcetera, etcetera,


eating meals,

arranging tumblers on a table,

smoking, reading, business,

wash and brush up,

juju toffee,

comic and birthday cards;

those were the days