i love pop.

soda pop.

pop, snap, crackle.


if you want to know about andy warhol

just look at the surface of my paintings and films

and there i am.


the art is plastic

everything is plastic

we are all plastic.

but i love


love plastic.

i love Hollywood.



why that’s a man’s name

i paint the things i love the most

and i love money



money is art,

& working is art,

& good business is the best kind of art.


i met Man


Man Ray in Paris

and he was really cute.

hetookapictureofmeanditookapictureofhimandthenhetookanotherpictureofmeandtheni tookanotherpictureofhimandhetookanotherpictureofmeanditookanotherpictureofhim and…


after i was  *SHOT



in New York City

i felt like i was watching TV

instead of living


                          living life.


these days people are always

calling me a mirror.

But if a mirror looks into a


what is there to see?


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