on Time

Since my pop art wall clock has decided to stop at exactly 1:30 (I’m not sure whether it was during the AM or PM and note to self: buy batteries), I’ve been thinking about time lately and have come up with a few questions such as: How do we measure time? When is the right time?  What is timeless? And most importantly, how can me and you work together, time?

To seek the answers to these questions I decided to consult the royal highness of pop. This is taken from his book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.

“About Time”

From time to time

Do time

Time yourself


In time

In no time

In good time

Between time

Time and again



Pass time

Mark time

Buy time

Keep time

On time

In time

Time off

Time out

Time in

Time card

Time lapse

Time zone

The beforetime

The meantime

The aftertime

The All-time–


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